To use education as a helping hand to develop the less privileged African children on the streets.


Our commitment is to provide opportunities to neglected children at the edge of society to have a quality education.


At Street2School Nigeria; our Long-term goal is to build a school structure where these children will be given opportunities to live out their dreams of learning for free, through the help of our partners and donors.


Our primary focus is to reachout to children who have been neglected in society, children who do not have parents, guardians or benefactors to help them go to school, so they live their daily lives on the streets selling cookies, plantain-chips or sachet water which makes less than $1 (one dollar) a day just to survive and eat food. Sometimes they are knocked down by cars accidentally but still not cared for.
This is the reason my team and I started the project ‘’Street2SchoolNigeria’’ to help children find Identity and purpose.
Because we believe in the future of the African child, our dream is to reduce the number of child labor to a minimum. With your partnership & support, we believe to reach this goal!
We’re glad that you’ve taking a tour in reading through this page, you’re most welcome to join us in bringing positive change to society.


Every child deserves the right to have a quality education! Take a few minutes to see how we reach out to less privileged children on the street and help them live out their dreams of going back to school.

Estimates shows that in Nigeria about 14 million children between the ages of five and 14 years old are involved in street hawking and any other economic activities. This has huge implications for children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being which exposes them to sexual abuse, physical exhaustion, vehicle accidents, death, malnourishment, prostitution, drug and substance abuse. 

Research also shows that young girls who street hawk, have low awareness of pregnancy or the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Even the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child opposes child street hawking. 

Join us to impact the lives of children on the streets and help them go back to school! Be a Helping Hand today!